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Our Twitch channel is our main hub for gaming and talking games. We feel it’s the best place to connect with our viewers, and let our hair down. Pure, unedited us.


Our Youtube channel is poised to come alive with our highlights, personal projects, vlogs and other curated content. With the opportunity of livestreaming on this medium in the future, it’s worth keeping your eye and sub on.


Our Discord channel is where we want you to tell us what you want. We have voice channels for you to gather and chat with eachother, AND US! All our viewer games will be organised through there, with the opportunity for in game chats on stream.

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Our steam group is a great way to jump into games with us, or be alerted to be multiplayer events.


The best place to follow when we go live, and keep informed with our movements.


Same as Twitter, but if you’re more comfortable with the big Facey, follow us there.

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“I am an independent content producer and community manager for an amazon.com subsidiary”

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